IAF- CH-53, AH-64 Helicopters:
Mechanical and electrical design of the installation of power system, EW system and communication system.
Supervising the production and the installation
Preparations, release and implementation of technical orders

Design of LCS units:
Design of the wiring, electrical units, preparations, release and implementation of technical orders.

Subcontractor for Design of mechanical and laboratory equipment drawers (Elta)

Subcontractor for the computing of front door structure. Structural analyses, design and Installation of the cockpit and passenger cabin sections (IAI)

Subcontractor for the conversion of passenger to cargo aircraft. Design of the electrical units, Illumination panels etc

Makhteshim Agan Industries – chemical plats:
Mechanical design of chemical plants equipment
Design of tanks, vessels, scrubbers, settlers, columns
Specialization in Fiber-Reinforced materials, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Specialization in Fiberglass with Poly-Ester, Vinyl-Ester and other Resins